Ive recently been asked to speak to the idea that our children are manifesting real fear and anxiety over the Trump presidency.   My response has been pretty short, as will this long overdue post.  Children mimic behaviors.  Its how humans learn.

For many of us, 45 is a disappointment, a failure of a system we’ve been taught to believe in. The fact that we have continued to invest in this system speaks volumes about the power ancestral influence, and the power of terrorism.

45 should not give us nightmares. 45 is the obvious continuation of American values. Foreign and domestic policy has favored the Bold over the careful, it has favored power over Justice, survival of the system over the Humanity that system metes out.

I am telling my sons that their future is in their own hands as mine is and as my grandfather’s before me was. There will be challenges, there will be obstacles, some of them will be very hard to detect. Your job is to constantly update your internal software and if you fall, to fall forward.


What about the RIOTS??

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Curfew lifted in Baltimore

Curfew lifted in Baltimore

A riot happens when the people of a place feel their voice is going unheard.  This leads to an “acting out”.  It has been the main way that a populous has forced its leadership to listen to what they are saying, for as long as man has existed.  When analyzing a RIOT/PROTEST ask what the point of contention is and then ask who can fix the problem and will they.  In Baltimore the problem is Police brutality which goes unpunished.  The people who could address it are the police leadership, the State’s Attorney’s office and the state legislature.  They COULD make the punishments more painful for brutal cops.  This would cause the people to feel victorious.  Crime however, would not go down because of this.  Crime is a problem because people don’t have stable employment due to poor education and lack of business investment in the region.  Who could help this situation?? The state legislature could revise the funding laws for the education system and the school system leaders could embrace the modern era and use different models to achieve updated educational outcomes.  Thats the who why what son…only YOU can tell us the WHEN!!!  #gettowork

Spring done Sprung!!

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Look out for the energy swing!!

His behavior will be more erratic and he’s probably gonna say some wild stuff too. Its all signs of Spring!! concentrate on rewarding appropriate and productive behaviors, allow him to bounce around, keep the goals clear without over emotionalism, hold on tight cuz it gets rough!! He will be oppositional because he needs to practice standing up for himself. You are responsible for creating a space where he can be wrong and NOT get killed. Let him know where the lines are, and don’t be too disappointed when he purposefully crosses those. he must test the cage. We are making Men, not mice. Love Y’all!!!

Summer Ramp Up

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Hey everyone, by popular demand we have decided to partner with a sisterhood program and provide a summer long day camp. Check it out.

here is the Camp FAQ.wbshot

Fall is falling!!

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Its OK!!

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Currators of Hip Hop event @ Reginald F Lewis 10.4

Currators of Hip Hop event @ Reginald F Lewis 10.4

I’m getting the calls saying “he started off the year good but we’ve been having trouble lately” Its OK. He will go back and forth just like you do with your ice cream addiction or all those gym promises. The key is to stay vigilant and allow him to run up against that uncomfortable situation of no games for a week, or no this/that until we get 10 consecutive”good” days. Clearly define what “good day” means and don’t badger him but stick to your guns… in fact, the more matter-of-fact your attitude is; the less “wiggle room” he perceives in this situation, the better off you all are. Be ye steadfast.

It’s Nation TIme!!

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Peace these are the notes from the last training themed “Nation Building Blueprints” please quiz your son.. and add your own take. Nation Building

Family: the smallest unit of a nation… No such thing as individuals in nationbuilding.
Community: a series of families united and interdependent in thought, purpose, and resources.
Nation: a group of communities bound by shared goals and resources

Trust: means knowing, its the polar opposite of fear.
Planning: a written set of goals and outcomes that is only complete when tasks and subtasks are considered.
Safety: A relative illusion neccessary for humans to go forward.
Discipline: Doing what you said you would, when you said you would, on a regular basis.
Resources: Any valuable material of life.
Vision: A clear sense of the end state… Not to be confused with or substituted for a plan.
Flexibility: The ability to maintain balance and momentum when the plan must be altered on the fly, or if the vision has changed completely.
Perspective: The angle from which one views a circumstance and extrapolates meaning.

Guiding Concepts:
Ubuntu: If you are ok, I’m ok. If you hurt, I’m hurt
Cooperative Economics: Buy together to take advantage.
Collective work and Responsibility: Work together to reap larger harvests
Defend family interests first: Think hard about individual decisions and the ramifications on Community
Find and Follow your path: Know yourself and express yourself. Self improvement is the basis of community development.
Service: Service is its own reward.

Actions toward Nation Building:
Bulk Buying
Group Investing
Home schooling
Car/Ride sharing
Group Vacation
Book Club