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                                                                                          Ako Onyango
Menes Yahudah
Baba Changa is a Coppin Grad and long a member of Baltimore’s Cultural community. He is currently serving as an urban education advocate and Program Director at The Living Well. 
Baba Menes is a lifelong musician, Founder of Urban Foli, and partner at The Living Well.  He is currently serving as  Music teacher at BCPS

Is Your Son on the path to Manhood?   Very often we find our children on the road to a life we never dreamed.  For some families that’s a dream come true.  For others its a nightmare.  In both cases there were decisions we made as parents that affected the trajectory of our children; decisions we made, thinking more of convenience or cost as those factors tend to be tied directly into survival for many urban families.  OBI offers the perfect solution for families concerned with content and convenience.

Ibrahim Our boys

     During this Training camp your boys will be challenged in a way regular camps won’t.  We require them to aspire to a high level of self-discipline and accountability; challenging them to seek solutions to life’s conflicts inside themselves rather than looking for someone to blame.  We charge them from day one with being a productive part of our community. We present many analogies in kinesthetic forms that, with repetition, unlock their potential to think and reason at higher levels.  When children are not encouraged to reason at their highest potential, emotion is allowed too much influence. In today’s America, this has proven perilous for Our Boys.  The activities we offer focus on excellence of execution and self-competition.  The underlying ethos is: “YOU are your only real competitor” By showing them the value of a positive self-perception, we quiet some of the destructive, aggressive behaviors and expose the boy’s higher self.  We make a point of challenging them physically and mentally right from the start. In the short time we have, they see significant self-improvement as proof that self-discipline works. Subsequently they gain insight into their ability to shape and affect their world.

  1. sonja sohn says:

    Love Your Work – support and blessings, brothers.

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