What about the RIOTS??

Posted: May 7, 2015 in Uncategorized
Curfew lifted in Baltimore

Curfew lifted in Baltimore

A riot happens when the people of a place feel their voice is going unheard.  This leads to an “acting out”.  It has been the main way that a populous has forced its leadership to listen to what they are saying, for as long as man has existed.  When analyzing a RIOT/PROTEST ask what the point of contention is and then ask who can fix the problem and will they.  In Baltimore the problem is Police brutality which goes unpunished.  The people who could address it are the police leadership, the State’s Attorney’s office and the state legislature.  They COULD make the punishments more painful for brutal cops.  This would cause the people to feel victorious.  Crime however, would not go down because of this.  Crime is a problem because people don’t have stable employment due to poor education and lack of business investment in the region.  Who could help this situation?? The state legislature could revise the funding laws for the education system and the school system leaders could embrace the modern era and use different models to achieve updated educational outcomes.  Thats the who why what son…only YOU can tell us the WHEN!!!  #gettowork


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