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We define training as simply what you learn while you grow.  If this is the case, and understanding that children consistently soak up whatever they are exposed to; we have to accept the fact that we are allowing our children to be trained more by the environment than directly by us.  This alone is not a bad thing until we look at how much work we put into shaping the environment they learn from and find in some cases that we are allowing someone else to build the environment.  What to do?

—Make them know the vocabulary that identifies the world in truth.

—Make them know that they should never resign to the idea of their relative inferiority, consistently purveyed through media.

—Make them know that who they are is not what they HAVE but what they DO.

—Understand that what they do is based on what they perceive about themselves; therefore make them feel hopeful about themselves and their future, no matter the current situation.

—Make them see that what they need to make to be successful is  A DIFFERENCE.


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No TV, No violent video games, No Mindless Behavior…Just children learning from their elders by asking questions and getting good answers…remember that?

The Elders know..

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The Elders know..

We, the parents of the young, newly inundated with the drudgery of daily life and our own continuing self mastery, do humbly submit, and hereby beg assistance in the rearing of whole folk, from the generation before us, whose scars now inform us and at whose triumphs we now marvel. Thank you for your patience.