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Spring done Sprung!!

Posted: April 16, 2015 in Raising Boys


Look out for the energy swing!!

His behavior will be more erratic and he’s probably gonna say some wild stuff too. Its all signs of Spring!! concentrate on rewarding appropriate and productive behaviors, allow him to bounce around, keep the goals clear without over emotionalism, hold on tight cuz it gets rough!! He will be oppositional because he needs to practice standing up for himself. You are responsible for creating a space where he can be wrong and NOT get killed. Let him know where the lines are, and don’t be too disappointed when he purposefully crosses those. he must test the cage. We are making Men, not mice. Love Y’all!!!



Posted: June 21, 2014 in Raising Boys
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They thrive on competition.  Its only natural because they need to know where exactly their gifts lie and where in the world their level of talent can take them.  They are searchers forever in this way…pushing boundaries publishing the results of their experiments, daring authorities and admiring one another’s scars/trophys.  They are at all times looking past the signs and into the restricted distance for something hidden that might contradict the clear warning.  Uncharted territory is where the glory lies.  What matters most though is not that they would challenge convention, but how will they challenge it.  Who’s model will they use?  Yours?  Kobe’s?  this is the only part of the equation you have any control over.  Your exposing them to fellow explorers who were successful AND righteous in their daring is the best way to ensure their survival.32._crop_650