It’s Nation TIme!!

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Peace these are the notes from the last training themed “Nation Building Blueprints” please quiz your son.. and add your own take. Nation Building

Family: the smallest unit of a nation… No such thing as individuals in nationbuilding.
Community: a series of families united and interdependent in thought, purpose, and resources.
Nation: a group of communities bound by shared goals and resources

Trust: means knowing, its the polar opposite of fear.
Planning: a written set of goals and outcomes that is only complete when tasks and subtasks are considered.
Safety: A relative illusion neccessary for humans to go forward.
Discipline: Doing what you said you would, when you said you would, on a regular basis.
Resources: Any valuable material of life.
Vision: A clear sense of the end state… Not to be confused with or substituted for a plan.
Flexibility: The ability to maintain balance and momentum when the plan must be altered on the fly, or if the vision has changed completely.
Perspective: The angle from which one views a circumstance and extrapolates meaning.

Guiding Concepts:
Ubuntu: If you are ok, I’m ok. If you hurt, I’m hurt
Cooperative Economics: Buy together to take advantage.
Collective work and Responsibility: Work together to reap larger harvests
Defend family interests first: Think hard about individual decisions and the ramifications on Community
Find and Follow your path: Know yourself and express yourself. Self improvement is the basis of community development.
Service: Service is its own reward.

Actions toward Nation Building:
Bulk Buying
Group Investing
Home schooling
Car/Ride sharing
Group Vacation
Book Club


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