For OUR boys…a breakdown of the Ferguson MO situation.

Posted: August 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

What is legal and what is right quite often do not overlap.
The Facts: Mike Brown appears to be a fairly average young man from a lower income area. He was killed after he did not comply with officers who according to the law of the land, had the right to stop and question him. The officers killed him because they were either afraid for their own lives or because they didn’t care about his life. The details beyond that are all secondary. What is primary here is that we realize that Policing in America is constantly changing and whether we like it or not we have to change with it. In the 40s the police did any manner of thing to citizens and were basically a sanctioned gang. By the 80s-90s the idea of killing a (normal) person whom you could have easily detained in a non-lethal way had become a career ender. Today,its changing in a new direction.
1. Who you choose to associate with has a great affect on how you are perceived by the community.
2. How you talk, especially to authority figures has a huge affect on the outcome of your situation.
3. Your knowledge of the LAW, not common sense only (they are often on opposing sides), should play a big factor in deciding your actions in a situation. Therefore until you know the laws or system surrounding a situation you should not be involved. Your ignorance of the law does not equal innocence. Your opinion does not equal the law.
4. If an officer identifies him/herself as such you must obey them unless you have knowledge of the law that prevents you from doing so.
5. Assault is the crime most committed in the US. It can consist of just an insult or threat. You can be arrested for this crime. (again..RUle of LAW, not common sense, not instincts)
6. If you know the law, there will be times when your instincts tell you to do something that you know is illegal. This is where your personal discipline comes in, and one decision or the other you must be ready to deal.

Hopefully this will bring on other conversations down the line but please please parents be looking at what training your child is receiving. Often ask them “tell me what you know about___________” and stay on top of tweaking what they are hearing. They are constantly being trained and with the limited amount of hours we have to be the one doing the training, we have none to waste.


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