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Calling All Trainers!

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I feel so honored at the large community response to our training.  We respect and love all of the parents who have entrusted the training of their boys to us.  We won’t let you down.  To all of our fellow men in the community at-large who have the inclination to work with boys, or who are already working with a group but would like to make your work more structured, Please get in touch!  My partners and I at Group Harvest LLC have carefully outlined this training strategy for those select brothers who’s mission is training the youth.  We offer this training free of charge and are willing to present it wherever it’s called for!.  If you have a church or fraternity group or you’re a solo act, our “train the trainer” is for you and we are happy to share!

2013, the year of training.


obi13bannerIn our fight for ever better positioning, we heave much of our hopes onto the lives of children.  The more ambitious we are as parents in our own lives, the more we tend to expect from the fruit of our labor.  It is a simple ROI algorithm we run without understanding a simple fact.  Water on a stable level surface tends to sit still… so, after you have bent and stretched yourself to create this stable environment for them, don’t be surprised if they tend not to be the go-getter you expected.  instead, routinely expose them to concepts and ideas that may give them reason to run, and be ready to let go when they do.  Our Boys will be ready!

New Session Dates:

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 OBI represented well at the 300 man march for peace.  uniting East and West Baltimore in protest of recent violence.

OBI represented well at the 300 man march for peace. uniting East and West Baltimore in protest of recent violence.

Well, after careful consideration…and sleep, we have decided to have another go-round!  Mon/ Aug 5th will start the second two-week round of 2013.  we will focus this time on Nation-building components.  What are nation building components? (so glad you asked)   Well there’s financial literacy, food chain management, emergency preparedness, and field craft (a.k.a. making something out of nothing) for starters.. this session, as always, will still feature the core training of our brand, but our classes will center on the Nation-building process and how the boys see themselves as fitting into that process for the benefit of self, family and nation.  Soooo…  Click SIGN HIM UP for the Aug 5-16th session, and lets get busy training!!


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twinsman…I still have that t-shirt! and its looking pretty new!… so either time is flying faster than we’d like to believe or I have wayyy too many t-shirts<]…or both.  The point here being; these two will be college bound in a few and I’m smack in the middle of their childhood already.. as in it’s half over…its kinda bummin me out, but i have the memories at least!  and they know i love them enough to spend time training them.