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…a lesson in Humility

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...a lesson in Humility

This little guy showed me what special really means. He came to the camp a whirlwind of energy and wonder, testing our patience but also warming our hearts. He taught me that I have another gear, an extra space inside me. I’ll miss him.


In My Lifetime…

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In My Lifetime...

I’ve had several distinct iterations of direction change, personal growth and development. They create quite a tapestry of experience; one that I’ll certainly enjoy passing on to my sons. Fortunately I also know the ache and hollowness of Fatherlessness. It caused spiritual trouble that manifested as amorality and violence. I was nevertheless afforded survival, and have since reconnected with my father in a way that’s as strong as ever.  I am a better man for the journey. Its the secret to my passion for this work.