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Every dollar helps.

The road to freedom goes winding through self-doubt, descending sharply into the perilous depths of fear and desperation before the indomitable ascent to self discipline even presents itself.  Men and Women dread the journey; some refusing even to start, citing a line item from a cost to benefit analysis handed them by unscrupulous onlookers.  It looks dark for the cotton children until an intrepid group emerges striding head long into the fray, unfettered by the knowledge others possess.  They walk on feet cut by the poverty road; they carry hearts repeatedly broken by belief in false gods; they face distraction with wondering eyes.  Time is against them.  With wandering minds they fling themselves effortlessly forward…unaware, unafraid, unprepared…they are OUR children.  Groping instinctively in the darkness for signs, for guidance, the ties that bound them loosened by onlookers, torn by storm troopers, cut to profit the dark… but they are reaching for us.


Click Here to pay Living Village Tuition 2013


Click Here to pay OBI tuition 2013


Click here to pay for multiple campers discount

You will need to repeat the process for each camper you enroll.


Click Here for OBI contributions.

Every dollar helps.



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